Help; Copy & Paste basic function not working

Since the update I have not been able to use the basic copy/paste functions in the GUI (simply duplicating the same design) in the interface. I have tried restarting, trying other designs, everything… anyone else having issues; I have a Mac; Tried keyboard shortcuts and right clicking

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I’m using a Mac and it is working fine for me. Try logging out of the GF app and closing Safari, then reopen.

It doesn’t work between designs, but works fine within the same design for me. Always been that way. Any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on a Mac, always current.

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I hadn’t tried logging out of the app and back in so I tried and still not able …

Not sure what to suggest as it’s always worked within a design since I’ve owned my machine. The new ability to copy between designs has never worked for me.


What version of safari do you have? Maybe my browser isn’t liking the new update? Was literally just working Sunday ugh lol

Safari 14.1.2 (14611.

Working fine, just tried it.

I use Chrome exclusively but everything is up-to-date.
Chrome 102.0.5005.61
Firefox 102.0b2 (I’m on the beta update channel)

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I’m having the same issue on my ipad. I spoke with apple support and the function is working for me on my laptop, but not my ipad. They suggested it was a glowforge issue. I hit Command C to copy, Command V to paste, within the same design to create rows of the same item to cut. Until about 24 hours ago it worked fine and has stopped working on my ipad. I have restarted, updated, everything and is still an issue. Only on ipad, MacBook Pro is still working for me.

Haha I’m the opposite, not working on Mac Pro (haven’t tried on my iPad, I’ll go get it)

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I just tried on my chrome and it worked!! Must be a safari/Glowforge issue… idk lol


Can try a cookie/cache clear. Could have picked up a wonky bit of code.

This will log you out of anything you have logged in and saved.


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