HELP! Customer service issues

Last Thursday my glowforge broke. It started with a yellow/orange light and then once cleaned the carriage jumped off the rails. I could see a small dent in one of the carriage wheels so I stopped what I was going and emailed the glowforge team.

They said that it could be repaired by a technician but it would take 8 weeks or so. I want to send my machine in to get fixed but now they are claiming that fixing my current laser and getting it returned to me is not an option.

Has anyone else has these issues?

The reason I am not wanting a refurbished machine is because I have a second glowforge and it seems more of a cost effective solution to fix the small issue it has instead of paying 1200$ for a refurbished.

Users can replace wheels, carriage plates and printheads. I think we are missing some of the information regarding what is wrong with your machine.


Welcome to the forum! It is standard procedure for Glowforge to offer a refurb, which is basically a ‘repaired’ machine anyway…but beyond that it is checked over extensively in every regard. Many people will say they prefer a refurb over a brand new machine. Could be too, if they even did offer repair and return that it would still cost you that much. There are many posts on the forum about this topic.

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It’s the metal wheels that roll on the sides of the laser head. I was told that that has to be sent it to be fixed.

the gantry or the laser print head?


OK, the gantry… – let me look if it (the wheel) can be replaced.


yes, its got a screw head! – @yoyodyne2112 do you have the parts?

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I have ordered what I believe to be the correct replacement part, but I do not have them yet.


Have you heard of anyone fixing this piece on their own before ?

looking at it, it should be pretty easy to swap out, unscrew the screw, pull out bad cam, place new cam, tighten screw… I would just be careful not to pull the gantry too far away its attached with power cords and coolant tubing

I agree. Seems doable! Thanks

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