Help! Discovered a crack in the case next to the exhaust vent

I got my Glowforge on 2/8/18 and cut founders ruler. It has been sitting idle in my workshop over a month while I was waiting to get proper ventilation installed. Today I went to hook it all up and discovered that there is a crack in the plastic case around the bottom of the exhaust vent outlet and also small hairline cracks on the corner near it. Shipping box didn’t have any visible damage and I didn’t notice it while inspecting it on arrival. I turned the unit just a couple of times and now I’m seriously bummed out that I’ve discovered damage and my workshop is all ready to go with appropriate ventilation installed. Can someone from Glowforge customer service get in touch with me please? I’m also sending this to support email. :cry:

Well, cue the “We see you’ve e-mailed us so we’re going to follow up with you there.”


(Posting and e-mailing create seperate tickets increasing the work-load for the poor support people. Picking one will help move the line faster for everyone.):innocent:

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Oh sorry, I didn’t realize that posting thread in the forum cues a ticket creation automagically. I haven’t been posting much here.

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No need to apologize @morozgrafix! I’m glad that you brought this to our attention. I’m so sorry about the damage and @wesleyjames is right - we’ll follow up with replacement details over email so I’m going to close this topic.