Help downloading Print A Toy

How do you download and save one of the print a toy designs? I thought I was doing it right, but I just tried to open one to customize, and it’s not working.

The steps I did…

Clicked the download button on the design.
It opened it up in a web page.
I clicked save.
I renamed it and saved it to my downloads.
It downloaded.

I thought that was correct until I just tried to open one and I realized it wasn’t even showing a file format (like svg, pdf, etc). I can’t even get it to open in the GF app, let alone one of my programs.

Can someone help me figure out how to download them correctly? Or open them somehow? If I didn’t do it correctly, that sucks because that means I don’t have any of them at all to cut.

Edited to add, I’m using a windows computer, with microsoft edge.

I believe Glowforge files can only be opened in the app from your Dashboard. Catalog files download to your Dashboard and cannot be exported.


Usually yes, but they’ve made the Print-A-Toy files available to anyone, for any laser cutter. In the catalog there’s a download button under the description, while they are available for free for the week.


I just “bought” the circular puzzle. Went through the process of purchasing. Upon completion of the purchase the item was in my dashboard. I only have a Glowforge so I don’t know about other laser owner purchases. Sorry


I’ve done that too, but it’s easier for me to customize a file in my own software instead of in the app. Since they’ve made these ones available for anyone, not just GF owners (even though I am one), I wanted to personalize it the easier, faster way, which is in my own software.

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:


I can’t help with Edge, but you should be able to right click the “Click to Download Design” link and Save As. The files are PDFs, so you might need to give them a .pdf extension.


Ahhhh thank you!
I had tried the right click on the download button and I could only copy link or save link as, BUT, I just added a .pdf to the end of a saved file and it opened! I didn’t know what file format they actually were, so thank you!!
All fixed!

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