HELP! Engraving pixelated

JUST deep cleaned my machine and now it’s engraving all pixelated. I am also beyond frustrated that I paid this much for a machine and I cannot speak to a human on the phone to get help.

For those wondering, I am engraving using a file, settings and material I’ve used before. Please guide me on getting this issue resolved.

It always helps to include pictures of what is happening. This post opens a support ticket, so someone from GF will be along to help you out, but they will want pictures.

GF is going to want you to run a gift of good measure on proofgrade draft board. Record the time you ran it and provide pictures of the result. In the mean time you said you just deep cleaned it, so I would expect to see that you didn’t get things back together properly. Make sure the lens isn’t installed upside down. Make sure the laser head is seated properly on the magnet mount. Make sure the mirror is installed properly. Make sure the x axis belt attached to the carriage plate is installed properly and if you loosened up the belt pulley to remove it that you re-tensioned the belt properly. Ensure the white cable to the head is plugged in all the way without any bent pins inside the connector.

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I couldn’t find the upload button. But I had them ready

I don’t have proof grade draft board. It’s never in stock! I have proof grade acrylic.

If you’ve read enough of these posts you will see many, many problem posts begin with the words:
I just cleaned my machine and (you fill in the blanks…)
Sometimes less is more imo, especially when it comes to cleaning anything other than the optics.

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Def check the belt that pulls it left to right…but that looks like a double print to me, not pixelation. The cut lines seem to look okay from the picture.
What software do you use to design in? Is it possible there was a setting that got changed and coincidentally you also cleaned the machine?

You can use any PG material. Make sure to use the default PG settings for that material.

Hello @goble208, thanks you for reaching out to us and for posting the photos.

I reviewed the print logs from your Glowforge and did not see any obvious errors that would cause this issue. I did notice that none of your prints after these two seem to have the issue, including another key design print. Were you able to discover the root cause? How are your prints turning out now?

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email