Help — Engraving problem, post interface update

So, I fired up the forge after about a week of downtime. I noticed there was an interface update, so refreshed the app. Not sure if this has anything to do with it or not. One thing I did do, while engraving I was browsing the internet in another tab.
So, when I went to check on the work, I noticed, about halfway through the job, the power applied was much lower than what it was supposed to, then I went back to the tab which had the GFUI app open, and the power seemed to correct itself :thinking: . Although I am pretty new to GF, I haven’t experienced this before.
I used custom settings on my bamboo cutting board:
300 speed, 22 power and 225 LPI

Can anyone give me a clue for what happened here? And how to correct/avoid.

Thanks :slight_smile:
(ps: I kinda like the “mistake portion of it though…)

Bamboo is notorious for this - being a grass the different areas engrave noticeably differently.

If you haven’t moved anything yet, you could reload your art with the bottom section cut off and just re-run the top section (line the new art up to the old art in the interface - pay no attention to how it looks against the wood - if you haven’t moved anything it’ll cut in the same place the second time)


Nothing to do with the interface.

You’ll note the change is directly aligned with grain in the material. It’s the natural variation in density.

The solution is to “over do it” with Bamboo engravings, so the whole design will be darker and the differences across it more subtle.