Help! Engraving unaligned, vectors not matching, circles are ovals

I’m so overwhelmed. I’ve been dealing with issues with my laser for weeks now. I’ve tried tightening and loosening the belt tension, I’ve replaced the whole carriage, and I’ve cleaned all the rails really well. Regardless:

Perfect circles are vector cutting as ovals (stretched horizontally).
Engravings are fuzzy, unaligned.
Vector shapes don’t finish where they started.

The worst part? Customer service has been taking FOREVER to get back to me.

looks like you may have a cracked wheel on your gantry plate or a loose belt.
The procedure to remove the gantry plate and re install it is here in the section about cleaning the air assist fan.

For the belt tensioning.

It’s definitely not a cracked wheel because I just replaced the entire carriage plate with a brand new one. I’ve tried adjusting the belt tension plenty of times but it does not solve this problem.

Hi @positivelymystic. I’m sorry to see that you’ve been running into some trouble with engravings coming out misaligned and not matching your design file. I saw you also email us with this, and just sent a response to start troubleshooting this. I’ll go ahead and close this thread so we can continue any discussions through your email ticket. Thank you!