Help figuring out how to make something like this

Hey! I have been a lurker for a while, and thought I would ask for some help making something.

A company I work for recently moved into a new office location and I would like to make a cool sign for the door, or just inside the window.

After looking around, I came across the image above and thought it would be really sweet to make something like that.
The one i would be making would be just the logo though, and would be a square. (well, look like an app icon with a logo in the middle)

I would like to be able to make something similar to the flame portion of the image, and have the logo be essentially colorable with light, and then have the area around the logo to the edge be a black shiny non-emitting black.

If possible, I would like to be able to use the light in a way to make it look like it is moving through several sets of colors, and mix them across like a gradient. (the logos colors are a gradient from pink-purple-blue)

If I could get them to be static like that, cool. If they could kinda be more animated and phase through several colors via gradients (not just one static color that changes/fades) that would be the best.



The :glowforge: part would involve making the shape you want out of frosted acrylic, the lights are done with LEDs. There are lots of kits available online, and folks here have done many projects with them, let me see if I can find you a good search term.

Ah hah - looks like this gets you quite a few:


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