Help - File being split into parts in the GFUI

I’ve run into a few snags with files I’ve purchased. In Illustrator, the object looks like one single object to cut (ie: the front part of an easel). When I upload it in the GFUI it separates it into each individual line. Therefore, my one front easel piece is now 15-20 pieces, even each curved corner is separate from the line it is attached to. It makes it very difficult to move the object around when it is close to other objects as I have to select each individual line/corner in order to move the entire object. Has anyone else ran into this?

I have not had this problem. Have you tried grouping within the interface?


Sounds like the object is actually separate segments that haven’t been joined. This is fairly common when the file is originally generated from a CAD program. Have you verified it isn’t just grouped? (In the AI layers panel and open all layers and sublayers)

If you’d rather not bother you can group the whole thing in the GFUI as @dklgood says.


I’m completely lost. I’ve never had this happen when I create my own files but now that I’m purchasing files it seems that GF loves to make groups I don’t want and separates objects that I want to stay together. I’m so frustrated and confused. I don’t know how to make groups in the GFUI. I can’t move one object to be cut as it shows everything as a group now and since part of the group is off the cut area it won’t cut the object I do want to cut. This is so frustrating. Something that should take 5 minutes to set up and cut is taking forever. I know I can just reupload the file and solve my problem but I’d like to figure out how all of a sudden objects have been grouped together when they weren’t originally. I know I’ve selected something that I just don’t realize. Also - I now have an “align selected groups” button on the lower left side. I’ve never noticed this before. Is there a way to make it separate the group? Thanks for your help!

I don’t know how to group within the interface. I’ve never had to do that before. Thanks for replying.

I finally figured out how to ungroup. Hopefully this solves my problems. Thanks everyone.

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