Help finding this kind of files or how can I design them myself?

I’ve been looking for a couple of days. Perhaps I’m using the wrong terms.
I’m trying to make these kind of geometric shapes that snap together. Have you seen them anywhere or can advice where would I even start to design something similar?

Thanks a bunch!!!
geometric holders|372x328

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I like the look of these too,

These must be welded metal, I don’t see how they could be made with a GF. There’s barely any connection for strength at the junctions.


I found this file on etsy, but the design is not exactly what I’m looking for. I made several adjustments and it works, but for the life of me, I can’t find any similar files other than this one :frowning:
I don’t need them to hold any weight, so it doesn’t need to be super strong, as long as the pieces snap together.

If you want to design something like this, you’ll probably need to use a 3D design program like Fusion 360. (Fortunately I think that one is still free for non-commercial use, but I haven’t used it in a while.)


Since Made on a Glowforge is for showcasing things you have made, I’m going to move this over to Everything Else for you.


It will take testing, but looks to me like for the 4-corners one, you can make two kite shapes, a larger one and a similar one that is nested inside the larger one, and a square who inner dimension matches the outer width of the largest kite…and then from there you’d have to play around in your design software to get the edges to fit nicely with each other, like maybe slightly flat tops and bottoms about the width of you material so there will be a flat edge to glue.

Triangle will be slightly different, but since these things are only holding air plants, I don’t think they need much strength at the top and bottom, so maybe create 3 legs that fit in the triangle and just glue them.

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