Help getting through to customer support. What is the best way to get ahold of them?

I sent a message to them on Friday, March 11th and I have not received a response.

I had already reached out to them for a previous issue and unfortunately replacing the recommended part did not work.

I’m going on TWO weeks without my glowforge and very little assistance from customer support.

Email or phone are your only options.

A week or more for a response appears to be typical these days.

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Thank you. I was really hoping for a different response.

The Glowforge is a low-budget crafting machine, and their support has always been commensurate with that. Business-class lasers cost significantly more, and provide business-class support. It’s unlikely the hardware itself costs much more.


You should have gotten at least an auto reply to your email within 24 hours.

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Yes. I did receive the general auto reply.

what is your problem, maybe we can help.


I replaced the black strip because I was getting a “camera did not picture” message. Now the lights are out AND im getting a “lid open” message.

Stating the obvious here but all those depend on that cable, so it was either incorrectly installed, or a connector was damaged in the process.

It’s really not a process suitable for the average consumer, but it’s their cheapest option to try before having to replace the machine.

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sounds like the pins on the connector are not ‘aligned’ its easy, gently pull the connector from the glass so it moves freely, unclip (little door you pull down) and and re-seat the cable so its dead square

here is a link with instructions, it may help

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