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I updraded my internet. Have a new modem. I am trying to connect GF to my internet. I have the glowing green button i can see the network but everytime i select it it turns off my internet. I’ve tried rebooting, searched here, searched internet, followed GF troubleshooting. It keeps turning off my internetbwhen GF connects. Im beyond frustrated i wish there was a USB port! HELP

So you are following the startup procedure to connect to a new connection?

does your modem have the 2.4GHz band available? around here some place people have mentioned with channels are the best to pick from on that band.

yup 2.4 uggggg

do a search for “channels” and see if that pops up

hmmm i see the GF as an option i connect then my internet disconnects i tried to connect the internet while connected to gf and it disconnects the GF. so frustrated

thank you for trying to help me

Have you watched this video? Set up again - #4 by Jules

Please share a screenshot of the point that your efforts to reset up wifi access fails.


Follow the directions that were suggested in DKLGOOD’s post

you don’t ever connect TO the GF once it is set up. you log in with your browser(preferable firefox or chrome) and use the glowforge GFUI to get your unit busy.


OMFDog you are the BEST!!! Thank you so much. I dont know why this didnt come up in my searches. Im connected but its not going to the final step of complete. Its saying please wait and spinning its been 10 minutes already. Im goong to send a ticket i.

It worked! it says im connected the GF homed. It wont complete the process has me at “please wait” for about 10 minutes now. Rgggghhh

So log out of the app. Connect your laptop back up to your new home wifi and then open the app again.


That is what is supposed to happen but you only do it once during setup.

  • In setup mode, the Glowforge broadcasts its own wifi.
  • You connect to the Glowforge wifi (which disconnects you from the internet)
  • In the web browser you tell the Glowforge what your home wifi settings are
  • Your device disconnects from the Glowforge and gets back on home wifi.
  • The Glowforge turns off its wifi signal, and connects to your home wifi
  • Now you talk to your Glowforge through

If you have problems in this process it can be due to a poor 2.4 GHz wifi signal in your home.

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i just went to wifi connected it and i got the confetti!!! OMFDog I love you!!! Thank you so much! I was so frustrated. They should pay you! This is why i like GF because of the awesome community!


Glad to hear you got it going!

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