Help ! GF wont let me do a pass through print

Hi there, So I’ve cleaned my machine and put back together but it will not let me do a pass-through print!! So i put the material in and the design…I then switch to pass through print. When i press ready, instead of giving me print time it says print unsucessful and below it says ‘align manually’ …when i turn off pass through it prints fine. Its done this once before. Any ideas please I’m desperate!!

Can you try moving your design? You may have it placed incorrectly. Also, you could share your design and someone here in the forum could see if they get the same error message.

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Mine is doing the exact same thing. I cant figure out why. I use pass through all the time and now my work is at a hault

ditto …doesnt matter what i do it just wont do first print. I wonder if theres some sort of software error ??

I got a message from glowforge and what they recommended worked. Make sure you have a really flat piece and use “set focus.” That seemed to do the trick. Im going to try a different piece of wood now.

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