Help! How do I resize a two part project?

I am trying to make the Japanese Tea Light Candle Box - which comes as a two-part project. I successfully made the project at its original size - but when I tried to size it down, I cannot get it to fit together properly. Is there a way to select the entire project to resize it? I can’t figure out how to add part 2 to table with part 1 so I can select all and resize. This thing would be adorable as a smaller tea light – I’m beyond frustrated with the wasted time and materials from trial and error. Help!

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The biggest problem is sizing the thickness of the wood. I was looking to build a small box but my wood was 1,83 times thicker than their wood, So I grabbed all of the pieces and scaled them by 1.83 and liked the result better for it,

If your original design is for 1/8" wood you could use 1/16" wood or scale everything down and run about adjusting for 1/8 wood again which you cannot do in the GFUI. Or you can find the artist and ask what it would take for them to do it for you.


Welcome to the community. When a design is created with tabs and/or slots in order to assemble it, it cannot be resized easily since it was created specifically for a certain thickness of material. When you resize it, it changes all those measurements. Someone else who knows more than I will probably be able to give you some suggestions.

Since it is a catalog item, you would be unable to download it to change the measurements.

As an aside, if you’re ever working on something that you’re unsure of or that is giving you problems, try it out first using cardboard instead of more expensive material.


If you’ve taken everything about material thickness into account - then yes! You can select everything, and then type a % into the length or width and (as long as the link is still teal) everything will resize by that percentage, and if you do the same percentage in part II it’ll all fit perfectly.



I have found that many items designed for 1/8” material can be made in 1/16” material by resizing everything by 50% in the manner described above. And they come out very cute.


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