HELP! I know I know

This has probably been asked before, so I apologize in advance. How can you duplicate after you have uploaded the design with out having to re- upload several times, just to get several copys of the same artwork. I tried the standard copy /paste and it does not work me on my macbook pro. Did I mention I received my GF about 5 weeks ago, so I am a newbie be gentle :wink:

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The only way I know of is to use CMD+C for copy, and CMD+V for paste. (Don’t have a Mac though, so I’m only assuming it works that way for y’all.)

I’m not sure if there are issues with it working in other browsers though…if you’re not using Chrome, it seems to be the one with the fewest issues at this time.

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I use an iMac…and yes, it does work the same way. Also, I’m using Chrome.

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I tend to copy/paste inside my image editor (inkscape), then upload it once… but control-c control-v works in chrome in windows.

Not sure if you are trying to copy the design or if you trying to get multiple copies of artwork within a design. If the first: After you have uploaded a design you can just hover over it in the project window on, select the caret in the upper right corner of the design and you will see the following. Make a copy. If you have made changes to it such as changing the power, speed and position those changes will be copied too.

If it is just trying to copy artwork within the design there has been a recent report of Safari not cutting and pasting properly. Use Chrome.


First of all THANK YOU ALL, for your time and response to my SOS, like I mentioned I am a newbie with the GF, I have a lot to learn, but It sure seems nice that this forum is a great" go to" place for answers. I am using safari, but before that I had a hard time connecting with chrome. It work well when I took it out of the box(GF) and connected for the first time, every time after that I had to hold the button down on the GF to re-establish the connection . I will try this on chrome! Thanks for the quick response, jules,Xabbess,evansd2, and rpegg

rpegg, the screen shot ( GF )does not look the same when using my glowforge on chrome or safari and the drop down menu, I don’t see it. even the layout where it shows upload/trace (buttons)look different on my screen.

I’m not sure how this works on a Mac, but in Windows, if you hold down the CTRL key and click the + and - buttons, it zooms the display.

Is it possible you have it zoomed in too far? Or that you have used the Zoom tools in the app to do a close up?

If so, you can scroll the display around by holding down the Spacebar and dragging with the mouse.

Command-C and -V definitely work, possibly stick with figuring out why Chrome is not working for you? It’s all I use…

apparently chrome needed an update and the computer needed to be restarted and it fixed the issue so far! Thanks

I’m glad you’re all set. Thanks everyone. And please post a new thread if/when you have another question!