Help I’m missing something!

Ok so I have became more knowledgeable on Inkscape BUT I’m missing something!! I know it’s something simple but I just can’t figure it out :woman_facepalming:t4: I have everything set up to go but when I transfer over to gf to cut and engrave the whole picture shows back up. What am I doing wrong? It shows up in inscape like how I need it so what am I missing?

I’m guessing that you have a larger photograph masked with a clip path in Inkscape?

The Glowforge interface doesn’t do masks or clip paths, so I’d recommend cropping the photo down to the size that you want before loading it into Inkscape. (Or you can make a Bitmap copy of the masked image in Inkscape, drag it off the top, and then delete the underlying image.)


Or you can poke that image in the eye and it won’t show up till you poke it again. I often leave parts I might want again in the file that way. :eye:


Thank you! I figured it out with the clipping. That was my problem.

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