Help I 'm new and not sure what I am doing

Hi, I made my first project on the Glowforge and It didn’t come out right. It cut out beautifully but the numbers, type and line marks didn’t come out. My first project was the gift of good measure. What did I do wrong?


The best advice I can give please read the PDF Glowforge manual.

Your material has to be completely flat.

Thank you! I know this is going to be trial and error kind of thing. I realized after searching tutorials what I did wrong and at this very moment I am trying again.


Post a picture of the results. Since you are newly interacting the forum, there are limitations as to what you can post, but keep interacting and you’ll be able to post more pictures to help us see what is going on.

In the meanwhile, describe a little more of what the problems are. Not cutting through? Thick lines for scores instead of precise?

We’ll do our best.


All of us were beginners at one time and we made lots of mistakes. I still make mistakes.

The community is here to help. There are some incredible talented and gifted members here and they will help.

Take your time, enjoy the process and read lots of forum posts.

Glowforge did a phenomenal job setting up the forums.

Print some of these out if you need your material to lie flat.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.