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I made a design that I am looking to engrave in illustrator. However, the glow forge is not engraving g the parts of the design that I want to engrave. In the photo below, the green is what glowforge is engraving. I would like the white part of the design to be engraved. What do I need to do to my design to make the white part the engraved part?

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I don’t see a photo, and this is probably not a post that belongs in Problems and Support since it doesn’t require Glowforge personnel to diagnose a problem with your machine. I will move it if you don’t mind.


Filled areas in a design are engraved, and non filled are not. In your file, make the green part (I can’t see your picture, but from your description) no fill in Illustrator, and put a fill color in the white part.


Yeah! As silly as it is…that’s what I needed…I’m new to illustrator too…thank you and I have finally figured it out


Glad you got it figured out and I hope you are having fun with your Glowforge.

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