Help Im New!

Just completed my first cut this morning. Onto bigger and better things now! I am wanting to do a name cut out for my baby, however I cannot figure out how to get a script font to cut as a whole and not cut out each letter individually. Im sure its something simple just need some advice.
thanks in advance

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Are you doing this in the dashboard or on another program like inkscape or adobe illustrator?

Just the dashboard, i used the text box to create the name and find a font that i like. Should i use something else? Other programs i have i am able to “cut” areas that i do not want to use but i have not been able to figure out what to do with this name?!

You should be able to do it in the dashboard using the create outline tool. Which font did you select and the text? just seeing if i can get it setup on my end to get you to something you will like

I used “dancing script” and the name is Brooklyn

Sry I can’t seem to get it to work with the outlines atm, it recognizes some of the interiors of the letters and not others. So on inkscape i put this together.
brooklyn test
If you right click it and select “Save image as” and save it to your desktop you can then drag it onto the dashboard and resize it as you wish. Have it cut out the blue first and then the red lines.
Depending on the size it will be quite fragile tho, Is this something like what you were trying to do?

If you are looking for something else I’ll be lurking around the forum for most of the day and if i can i will help you out. :slight_smile:

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you’re amazing thank you so much. I just got in from braving the grocery stores. I will try again this afternoon.

I’m in st Thomas ON, where are you?


Not a problem hope it works out for for you. I’m over in Fort St. John BC Canada.

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Here is a good discussion of it referenced recently in the forum with a great step by step guide in the answering posts.

As this is not a technical support issue, I’ll move this to an appropriate forum - although they will still check in as posting in P&S opens a support ticket.

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