Help I'm so confused

I have a project that I need to make. I have a sample of the item, but I can’t figure out how to make the file so I can make the item. The item has multiple pieces that just fit on one 12 x 20 sheet. I tried the Trace and it was a disaster. I am looking for guidance on how to proceed.

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Where did you get the pieces/images that you are trying to trace?


I was given the item and it works perfectly for me so I’m trying to create more. If possible I would like to edit off a few pieces since it is designed to connect to another one, but I just want it to be free standing by itself.


So have you tried to locate the file designer to purchase the file?


I found something similar, but the designer will not sell the file.


You can trace the individual pieces, then outline each piece, then export the design and open in a program like Inkscape to modify. Consider sharing a photo of the item you want to replicate.


Thank you! I will try this. I have been so frustrated. I was told it is easy to design and create items with my glowforge, but I feel like I must be dumb because every time I try I fail. All I have been able to use it for is designs I have bought from the glowforge shop.

Designing files is not easy - that is why people that are good at it can make a living selling their wares. There are tons of files for sale at reasonable prices. You save a great deal of time and frustration buying proven files rather than trying to recreate things if this is not your skill set. I would search Etsy for laser files for items similar to what you are trying to make.


If that is the case, then attempting to copy it amounts to theft. As you have found, designing files takes some skill and you are paying for their time to design the file as much as the product.

Also, the trace function is intended to be used to create copies of simple artwork - think kids drawings to engrave onto a keychain or other trinket. It is not meant for creating complex objects that fit together.

It sounds like you need to download and learn to use a vector design app - there are many to choose from, some paid, but also some free that work just as well.


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