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Hi all, Small business owner here in Seattle, and my husband bought a glowforge and don’t have the time to create what we need. Looking to hire someone to come and use our machine. Any thoughts?

reach out to a nearby high-school with an art program, offer internship?

I would have loved access to a tool like this when I was in school.


^^Excellent idea @jbv ! Plant a seed like that in a young nimble mind and watch what happens. (all but a guaranteed referral to boot). :no_mouth: :crazy_face::exclamation:


Do you mean to make items for you that you don’t have time to do? On FB, I’m in a group “Jobs for Burners Seattle” (as in Burning Man) and you may be able to find good artistic folks thru that…

Or are you thinking to let them use the machine for their own work? For that, rent the time out, like a maker-space! (there’s at least one around SLU that a jeweler I met at a show was using to do some work for her table displays).

so we have a GF at our home; are entrepreneurs (code for work 24/7)…I need 50 displays for my business (we made them before), just need someone to do it.

So you just want to hire an operator who knows how to run the Glowforge? More or less to babysit the jobs?

You might be able to squeeze it in if you just pick up a camera to keep an eye on it while you do other things…it runs in the background here while I do business stuff.

A separate baby monitor works very well, or you can get a cheap camera like this one, but it runs on your phone and that might interfere with other things you have going on.

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thanks for the tips!!

Are you in Seattle proper, or Bremerton (as in your profile)? If you’re in Seattle and are still looking for assistance, feel free to shoot me a message.

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