Help! It sounds loud!

So when I went to turn on my glowforge last night when the laser arm moved it sounded really loud. I shut off the machine and manually moved the laser arm and the laser head but nothing stands out to me or feels much different. Any ideas?

Probably going to need some additional information to be very helpful. I suggest removing everything from the honeycomb bed and turning the machine back on. Does it center and home normally? Does the sound seem to be coming from the area of the exhaust fan?

I did remove everything last night and gave it a wipe down to see if there were any particles in the tracks. It sounds like the noise is either coming from the rollers/ belt on the left side or something on that side. I am scared to turn it on again but I will give it another shot so I can see where it is coming from for sure.

Could just be a piece of masking or debris stuck to an exhaust fan blade causing it to be out of balance and loud.

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