Help! Laser cutting is off and bumping into right side

I am in need of some help fast as I am trying to get customer orders made. I gave the gf a good routine cleaning last night and since then, it has not been working properly. The head will bump a couple times on the right side of the machine when my design is right on the edge. Like it’s trying to cut beyond the cutting surface. I have turned it off and on a dozen times having it recalibrate and also tried turning it off, moving the head directly under the camera and turning the machine back on and it is still doing it. So I tried just cutting a design in the middle of the board and the laser is just cutting ‘off’. I would love some suggestions! I’ve tried recleaning it too and resetting the laser lens.
Thank you!

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Check the tracks and belts for debris that might have fallen into them when you were cleaning – that can cause this sort of problem.

Turn the machine off and then move the gantry forward and back all the way, and the head left and right all the way, and see if you feel any resistance anywhere – that can give you a hint where to look.

Thank you for your response! I have done that and I don’t feel any resistance and have checked the tracks for debris. I am cutting out circles and they are cutting them slightly oblong… does that mean anything?

Yeah, something’s not right. They’ll probably want you to cut a Gift of Good Measure from draftboard and post a screenshot of it – you could save some time by doing that while you’re waiting for someone from support to respond. :slight_smile:

Ok cool, thanks for the heads up! I will get one cut.

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Here is the good measure I just cut.

Oops… They need a screen shot (not photo) of it after you cut it, in the bed of the machine, with the pattern lines still showing so they can see where it’s off. It helps if you include the GFUI rulers, too.

Definitely looks like you have an issue, though!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.