Help! Laser is not firing but everything else is working

It goes through the motions when I print the gift of good measure, but no laser light. I just had a fan issue and had removed it to clean it and it cut one job and then laser stopped. I cleaned all mirrors and looked for cracks. None. White belt is connected fine.

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I’m sure you probably thought to check, but since it’s burned me in the past… is the power setting for the laser something other than zero?

If you mean the power setting where you set it for the print job? Yes. It is on full power and 195.
I am still learning.

Everything runs through the motions but no laser. Could it be the bulb? It is not lit up.

This is interesting - I am having the same problem this morning. I will be watching answers/suggestions.

I’m trying to keep my cool until someone responds to the pictures and video I sent yesterday. I was already down for a week due to a fan issue, so I am falling behind. So frustrating. I’m thinking about buying the basic for a back up, because I run into these snags once a week now… Anyone have suggestions for me to check?


Not much support as much as you spend on a Pro. Sad that you can’t speak to someone. I spent a year learning the machine and how to build a business with it and now that I’m rocking and rolling, it breaks down every other day! I guess my business will suffer… I feel like crying

Hello @thesavvysanctuary I apologize for the delay in our response. I replied to your email that contained the photos. Will go ahead and close the forum post and continue to follow up with you there.

@buzzedbottles I’m so sorry are also having printing issues. Please send us an email or create a new forum post and we will be more than happy to assist in getting you printing amazing things again.

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