Help Locating SVG to Buy

I need to purchase a SVG similar to this:

I need it for my step daughters wedding on Saturday. I am not picky it can be a wreath or just a plain circle. TY


I’m brand new in here… My GF isn’t even here yet, but I create SVGs. I’d be happy to help.


Please help. I just need an svg for a circle with Mr and a circle with Mrs, like the image but not with the leaf wreath.

I can send it to your email… what’s the address?

In the future Etsy is full of designs to purchase.


Will something like this work?

Mr Mrs


I searched and searched Etsy prior to asking here. There was only 1 but it had jacked up fonts and did not look right.

Yes thank you.

I figure if we’re going to have a “community” of makers, then there is nothing wrong with asking if someone can help. Anyone can say no, or give a suggestion for alternate options. If there is anything you want changed just let me know. I hope it helps.


As you get a bit more experience with your editing software, something like this is actually very simple to make. It’s just a matter of finding out which typeface to use, and then sourcing a wreath image(which Etsy is overrun with, as well as many free svg sites). I would personally search for the wreath but then choose my own type face, but then I’m also not a big fan of cursive script like that one. I feel like that particular font is overused these days.

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Sent to your email

Nice. What font did you use to make this?

It was called Better. I found it on

That’s pretty cool @dystracktd! Thanks for taking the time to go the extra mile in helping someone out. I know that a ton of people make a business out of creating designs and selling them on the web. However, I think that its just pretty cool to just help folks in the community sometimes. We all have so many different skills and talents. It’s great to share!


Did you end up making these?

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