Help me find a pattern for toy clock with gears


I know this must exist somewhere. If it doesn’t I don’t mind making it myself, but why reinvent the wheel? Do you know of a wooden toy clock cut pattern that allows the minute hand to drive the hour hand?


not really a finnal clock plan - but I think a starting point :slightly_smiling:
gear Template


Hope this will be helpful. :sunglasses:


I am not a horologist, but here is a good how to on the basics of what makes a clock work. It explains the gear relationship for hour, minute, second. Also the escapement which regulates the power of the spring/weight and the pendulum.


Wow, quite involved! I was thinking of something much simpler, just a 12:1 ratio set of gears, probably planetary, that would allow the minute hand, when moved, to move the hour hand in a realistic way. Just a way to teach kids how to tell time and a fun toy to play with. Would be fun to watch the gears move inside too. I’ve found some clock patterns but they’re all much more complex than I need. I’ll probably have to use those as a starting point and cobble a simpler version together myself.


Perhaps you can find an inexpensive toy clock for teaching time and take it apart and see how it is out together. I’ll try that. My sister-in-law teaches kindergarten and she be thrilled with some bespoke clock faces for the kids. Although analog clocks, gosh, is learning about them going to go the way of penmanship?


Off-topics, but here are watches handmade in Japan for just $250-$400.


Here’s a link with someone who desires to do a clock with laser cut acrylic gears. Has some good illustrations on gearing.


While not a toy, there is a pattern for a wooden gear (working) clock in the Summer 2013 issue of Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts - issue 51. You may also want to check out the program Gearotica for designing gear movements.