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Hello it’s me again!

I have a little question, can I engraved a 2.55’ crystal bottle in my glowforge pro without the tray?

No. The maximum height of any object is 2". Anything taller and the printhead will crash into it.


Thank you !

@dklgood is right. Don’t do this.

The best way to pull this off is to use a resist film – basically a lasercut sticker that you use to define the area you want etched – and either a glass etching cream or a sandblaster. If you search the forum for “etching cream” or “sandblaster” you’ll find solutions. Be careful when sticker shopping, you can’t cut PVC, but there are vinyl substitutes.

Click here if you're *really* needing to do this. You may have options.

OK so what follows is pretty advanced glowforge hackery. If you don’t feel comfortable with any of these processes I’d say do some practice runs to be sure you have the process down before trying it.

That said, I’d amend that @dklgood said to be: Will most likely crash into it.

You might be able to pull it off, with some caveats. You’ll have two main issues: laser head clearance and focus height, then there’s minor issues of laser head height sensing and material positioning.

You’ll struggle with focus height settings because the upper limit of focus is right around 2" from the base of the glowforge. That said, you may still be able to get an acceptable engrave even if it’s somewhat out of focus. In this case I’d test it at 0.5" manually-set material thickness, as that will be the closest you can get to the surface of your bottle.

To be 100% sure, take out your tray and put the bottle in place. With the machine turned off, gently pull the laser head up to the bottle and see if the air scoop/head/gantry clears the bottle. It probably won’t. You may not be totally lost here though, if you’re engraving just the edge of the bottle the air scoop might not need to clear the bottle in order to get the laser on it.

As for the minor issues of material height and material placement… the lid camera is going to be all but useless for placement, the bottle is just too tall. You’re going to have to do some sort of jig or other alignment trick. Likewise, the laser won’t want to run unless you can convince it that you have materials at the correct height. For that I like to put in something that is roughly the correct height (a chunk of 2x4 is perfect for this), then tell the laser to “set focus” on that.

As for aligning the bottle ,that’s going to be down to jig or even placing tape on the base of your glowforge and scoring on it. It’ll be a bit defocused, but it’ll show you exactly where the laser is aiming.


Thank you for the tip @evansd2

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