Help me price this request!

Here is a request I received from someone. I have no idea how to price it:

Wondering what that will look like shrunk down enough to fit into a 1" diameter​:thinking::thinking::thinking:


I would make a mock-up before giving a price, and a thousand of them would be a different cost than ten. Look at the effort required and make it what was comfortable. I would also want a sample of her wood’


Both ideas make sense–prototype for sure to verify the logo (esp. if it’s those 3 trees) even looks good in a 1" coin–and if possible, find out what species of wood the customer wants to use, as the grain might affect the details on that small of scale, too. And figure a high scrap rate with their material–alas I’ve never done anything like this, but if customer is supplying the wood, expect a high scrap rate–and you plan to refund some money back if it was easier or better yield than expected.

But key for the prototype (of each species they want, and ideally they sent to you) is to send it to the customer that was set up as 1" diameter, so they can confirm it will work and they like how it looks–it may be given the kerf between the GF and the Forstner bits, and any clean up of the laser cut edge, that making it say 1 1/16" diameter is ideal.

It’s really your time (and shipping) that will be the factor for billing if they supply both the material and the artwork. Plan a bit for preparing the artwork and set up (esp. if creating a “packed” version for say 20 at a time vs. just one), plus any $ you charge for GF cutting time.


They actually turned out alright! He sent a file with them all laid out, half were 1" and half were 1.5". The 1.5" looked good, after a little tweaking. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize Glowforging would be so expensive (I offered to do 10 coins for $20) - they take 3+ mins each. The original sheet he wanted, at .70 a minute, would have cost $84. Well, he just hasn’t replied. Oh well, good luck to him.


With That forest, you wouldn’t be able to see the trees at 1”, I would think.

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That’s what I was thinking

Good attitude! I’d have charged at least $30 for 10.
Hit him with the referral code for the Glowforge and let him do his own work :joy_cat:


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