HELP! Messed up while removing back lid cable

Well I am a huge DumbA because I was very into the video on how to remove the back black lid cable that I forgot to turn off my machine and within one second it sparked and now looks like this! I have had my machine since 2019 with no issues and have always been super cautious until this very moment. :woman_facepalming:t4: Am I out a machine? I ordered the new back cable but not sure if I can order or how to address this issue…see pictures

Unfortunately your Glowforge is now broken until that circuit board is replaced, and it’s not a spare part they sell in the store, so it’ll have to be shipped back to them. Replacing the lid cable again won’t bring the machine back to life, that board has been shorted out and won’t function again.


That’s what I figured. Damn. I was going to buy another one anyways so I had two so I will send this one back and purchase a new one. Thank you!


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