Help! my emails are ignored since 12/9/2021 ticket 364257

I still waiting for a reply to ALL my emails.
I have been emailing tech support for over month and still NO response! The last response from tech support was on 12/9/2021 from Ivan.

What does it take to get my issue resolved?
MY TICKET 364257.


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You’ll need to send an email to or phone them. They no longer use the forum for problems & support. This is now only community members (hence the name change) who are only able to help with usability issues.


im on the same boat. 2 weeks receieved one email that they received it and nothng since:( so upset where is support?

Posting here does not get any attention from official Glowforge support as Glowforge employees no long monitor this forum.


It’s been said many times on here they don’t update people unless they have info to update them with. I know that isn’t comforting when you have no idea if they are working on your issue or not but unfortunately it seems to be the way it is.


It is pretty sad that they no longer answer from here…but I am sure they are watching. Their is no excuse as to why they are not returning emails when I have an open ticket. I patiently wait for my replacement part for way longer then they told me… It’s been such poor service from the beginning.

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Oh they should have something to say. How can they just stop trouble shooting in the middle of an issue? What kind of follow up is this?

I feel you. I want to love this brand…but they are making it so hard. When someone asks me about the product, it’s hard to say it’s positive. I referred a friend and her machine is basically a lemon from the onset…it has been more down then she has been able to use it. So sad with all this money spent.

I have been emailing them since 12.9.2021 and not one response. I have waited on the phone line for hours for it just to hang up and say they are busy.

try sending an email to Rita. I believe she runs Support.

Support never “answered from here” and they never monitored the discussion forums.

What happens is a new post in the P&S section would open a ticket, and any new posts in that thread get added to that ticket. They don’t come read a discussion thread here.

They work from a commercial ticketing system (Zendesk to my understanding) and all their activity is based on that.

Every ticket goes into a queue which is meant to be serviced in-order. Every new post on an existing ticket puts it back into the queue, to be addressed when its turn comes up.

If there’s nothing to share, they will mark it as such. Generally in systems I’ve used it’s marked “pending”" and it goes inactive until they have more info or another post bumps it back onto the queue.


Who’s Rita? Is she a staff member ?


Hi there,

Just wondering if you’ve received any assistance or if your issue has been resolved? I’ve received the same lid error message, and I’m starting the think it’s a malfunction and not a user error. I’ve also experienced extremely poor customer service on their part. Glowforge offered sending a replacement for $500, but I don’t think we should pay for something outside of our control.

Just curious on your thoughts, and looking forward to discussing further.


I mean, once you’re out of warranty, on anything, that’s kind of how the game of life as far as repair goes. It’s not a lifetime warranty with a caveat of user-error — it’s a limited warranty.


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