Help my laser is not firing

my forge is not firing , but stillgoing through the motions like its working . Tried to contact support BUT THEY ARE NOT GETTING BACK TO ME . please someone help me thank you . John

A couple of things could be happening. Double check your power setting. Sometimes it defaults to ‘1’ which isn’t strong enough to do anything. The other thought is that you could have more than one layer of your design…a doubled image / text will cancel each other out and nothing will be engraved.


thank you but it’s not that . tried that 1st. something else is wrong . if you have any other ideas please tell me .

There may be other owners who will have some suggestions, too. It takes support a bit to get back to you. The next thing to try would be to use some proofgrade material and print the Gift of Good Measure which should be on your dashboard…that file is the way support troubleshoots issues by looking at the logs it generates. Make note of the time and take any pertinent photos of what happens.


Clean your optics, then print the “Gift of Good Measure” design from your library at Proofgrade settings on Proofgrade material. If the laser does not fire in that case either, then you have experienced a hardware failure and will need to wait for customer support to get back to you.


glowforge just got back to me and said they could send me a refurbished forge for only $1125.00 and I just bought this one on June 17, 2021. when you paid over $ 4000.00 dollars for a glowforge and it broke on me three times so far , I say something not right .

I certainly understand your frustration and disappointment. Unfortunately, once any product is out of warranty, getting a replacement is a brand new issue.


Yes it was out of warranty 21 days only. and this is the third problem with this machine.

Well I went to the Attorney General of Seattle Wa, and put in a complaint about glowforge. also wrote a letter to glowforge company. I think glowforge is 100% wrong you pay $4998.00 for a forge and it brakes down three diffenet times in the year that you own it. and then they say your warrenty is 21 day over ,so for only $ 1125.00 we will send you a refurbished one with a 90day warrenty. Something is wrong with glowforge company .

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