Help! My machine is stuck in focusinv

Can anyone tell me how to get my machine out of focusing?

Hi alice, welcome to the forum, have you cleaned all the lenses, checked the mirror that its cleaned?

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There can be several things causing the issue. The machine is trying to find the :glowforge: on the top of the cutting head so light like sunlight through a window or even a bright lamp can throw it off. Also, dust on the top of the head has been known to confuse it.

You can be emphatic about it and with the machine turned off move the head and gantry so the :glowforge: is directly under the camera where it cannot be missed, and then turn the Glowforge on. If it is still stuck then there are other kinds of problems.

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I’ve cleaned the components but still having the same issue

I keep hearing the head click like its trying to move or calibrate but the head doesn’t move at all, it just clicks a few times, then doesn’t and then clicks again. continous cycle with no change

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