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Hi GF family, I have ran into a bit of trouble with a project I was requested with by my husband. So it’s pretty much the NC state outline, with the background image of a mascot. I have the state outline down so far lol, but I am stumped on how to merge the two and on getting the state cut out, with the mascot image as the background. If someone could help with this or a guide in the direction to get this worked out would be much much appreciated. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:campbell nc cutout

Support can’t help with design questions, so I’ve moved this to a more appropriate forum. They’ll still have to check in now that a support ticket has been created.

Convert the image and clipping path into a raster (bitmap) image. Overlay the outline of the state cutout on top, and that will engrave the background and cut out the state shape.


Jules being Jules! always so helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you thank you :pray:t3:

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