Help needed


I had purchased the glowforge pro model on 18th of December, 2019. I reside in India and I have purchased it and thought I will get imported at my own risk. I got it delivered to one of my friend residing in USA and appointed a freight clearing agent (DHL) to get me the delivery. It got delivered at the airport but its stuck at the customs for the lack of documents. The Indian Custom regulatory requires importers name and address on the invoice, I don’t have one. I am paying the demurrage and also the product not being recognised or certified by the Indian Custom regulatory would be adjucated and penalised, which may go up to $5000. I sincerely need help and advice.

I really want to use my glowforge at the earliest.


I wish we could help. Unfortunately, for legal and compliance reasons, we can’t advise or assist with the export of units to countries that we do not ship to directly.

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