Help - No laser beam

I was in the middle of cutting and it lost its laser beam during the cut. I have deep cleaned and still no laser beam. It does appear to have nothing happening in the tube but everything else seems to be working correctly. What are my options or next steps?? My machine is out of the warranty window. Would appreciate any help, thanks!

Email with your symptoms to open a support ticket. The first thing they’ll ask you to do is clean, then load the “Gift of Good Measure” design from your library, print that on a piece of Proofgrade material at Proofgrade settings, make sure you leave the lid closed enough for it to take a picture of the results, and note the time and date. This rules out your design and settings as possible issues. If the GOGM doesn’t print at all they’ll want photos of all 7 optical bits to show they’re in place and undamaged. Then they’ll offer you a quote for repair or replacement of your machine.


The beginning words of so many failure complaints. Clean all optics, fans, belts and rails. Touch as little else as possible.


but it sounds like it stopped working mid-print

True. Just reiterating as so many people believe a “deep clean” is a good thing.


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