Help! No response from anyone from Glowforge in over a week

Has anyone else had problems getting support or responses from GF? My gf has been down now for almost a month and after the initial fix proposal from GF did not work I have not gotten any more help or responses to emails I have sent them. I have tried contacting them several times through the email thread I had with them initially, as well as through their website “help” section. Any suggestions from anybody on how to better get in contact or get help?

I am in desperate need to get my machine back and running ASAP as I am loosing clients and jobs since I have to turn them away.

I’m so sorry that you haven’t gotten a reply from us, it looks like the email we sent last week may not have arrived. Unfortunately it looks like your Glowforge has a problem we cannot repair remotely with parts and we recommend a warranty replacement.

I’ve just re-sent the email with instructions for next steps. I’m worried that you may not be receiving our email though so could you let me know in this thread if you don’t receive it?

I just received your email. Thank you.

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I’m glad to hear you received it! I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. You should be hearing back from us a few times over the next few days with additional details but if you don’t, or if you feel like you’re encountering radio silence again, feel free to open a new thread.