Help please. Engraving on G5 material

Had a family member ask about engraving on g5 material on a handle of a knife. I do not know much about the material or if it is safe to use. Does anyone know about this? If it is safe to use does anyone know what settings would be good to start with?

You need to find a MSDS, material safety data sheet for the material you are attempting to use. You will want to find the sheet for the exact material if possible as all G5 may not be the same.
Once you find that data sheet you need to look at the combustion products to see if they are safe to breathe and if they are corrosive or flammable.
Then I suggest getting samples of the same material now that you think it is safe and doing a burn test. If you confirm it is safe, use one of the many test templates to determine the power and speed settings using your sample.
You can also use the search function here on the forum to determine of someone else has done any of this work for you. I don’t remember seeing G5 in the past though.

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