Help Please: I want to cut multiple Honeycomb Pins


How do I duplicate the image without having to add artwork each time?

Be gentle - I’m a GF Virgin :slight_smile:


Don’t feel bad, it is anything but obvious! Control C then control V, well if you do windows anyway.
You can then control V as needed and place where you want.
I turn a lot of scrap into things like these.


Ctrl-C = copy
Ctrl-V = paste

On a Mac, I think it’s the CMD button instead of Ctrl.


It is.

< voice of experience > And make sure you get all of the components (little interior pieces) / >


You can also open the file in whatever svg editor you like, then copy/paste/arrange until you’re happy with it, and send one larger cut job to the UI in a single shot.


I have a file with 8 of them tightly packed and then in the ui I copy/paste those or select and delete parts that are outside what will cut.

You might also make sure the material thickness is what will work as too thick or thin will not.



I use the clone tool for packing in Inkscape.