Help Please! Love to make these but not sure how(newbie)

not sure how to do the slotting on the 3 sides. any suggestion . I just cant rap my head around doing these slots! Thanks

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Your picture didn’t load, so perhaps you could try again. I also think it would be a good idea to look through the Glowforge gallery and see if you see something similar to what you want to make so that you can examine it. It might be an ornament or something entirely different than a frame that sparks your design muse.

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I am personally curious to see what double-sided glass is.

You can’t cut glass on the Glowforge.

Thank-you for your response I reloaded picture Two piece’s of glass or plexi glass sandwiched together ,

Thank-you for your response I did reload picture it should help and I could not find anything similar on site.

One way to do this with a laser is to to stack up several layers. On the middle layers where you want to slide in the plexi you’d cut away the slot portion.


Thanks for the response, but would that make the slot showing out side of the frame also?

You can not make a frame as shown on the Glowforge.

You could layer up pieces to produce a similar effect, but the different layers would be visible from the outside.

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ok Im following now, I get it thanks !!!

Only on the bottom where you insert the plex

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