Help Please My own design How to

Hi My name is Lynda I just received my Glowforge Pro. Its all set up, just wondering how do I bring my own designs to Glowforge. TIA

Here you go! It all starts with #1:


Once you work through the tutorials and read through the list provided above by @evansd2 you will be ready to tackle all things Glowforge. The short answer to your question is go to the Glowforge app, click create, select new blank design and then drag your file on to the interface bed. You can also click create new and choose upload file.

Please don’t skip this: Make Your First Prints – Glowforge


The short-short version is:

Go to the Glowforge app and then drag your file into the dashboard. No need to create a new blank design. If you do it this way it’s automatically named after your filename.


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