Help Please - Photo Engraving on Oak

HI All, I hope this message finds you all well. I have a problem and I am using up my stock of oak at a very fast rate. I have a photo of a black labrador that I want to engrave onto an oak chopping board. It sounds creepy as I type this but I promise you it is not. I have tried increasing the brightness and decreasing the Contrast but still cannot get any decent definition to the engraving. I am trying to make this for a birthday present and I am losing the will. I use Photoshop and Inkscape. Is there any advice from you guys regarding settings on the GF and anything I can do regarding the adjustments I can make in Photoshop. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you folks from a Grey haired Scotsman.

Maybe this will help?

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Might help to post the image to get some guidance on which direction to go. In my experience, it’s tough to give a general “do this and that” since it’s not a perfect world and not everything obeys the rules. You might need to push the shadows to get the detail you want in the dark fur. And, what are you unhappy with so far in the end result versus what you are looking for?

in addition to everyone elses comments… oak sucks for laser engraving and wont give as consistent results as a hard cherry or maple.

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