Help please someone. Anyone (repeating it all, again)

Please help my brain I’m losing sleep because

of this.

So we know who I am and why I act like this.
I’m on major medications due to being a 1st responder for the World Trade Center.

I’m ill and I’m just getting sicker. I’m on social security and me and my family wanted a hobby with a chance to sell some items to people.
I took all my money and purchased this machine from glowforge. Within two week it dies. Then another and another…
They keep sending me lemons.
I can not have this product in my house as it has not been good for me.
I’m desperate and going thru unbelievable lengths to be noticed.

I would like away from this company because it is clearly effecting my health.
@dan do you really want to watch a disabled person have a melt down because of this?
It’s already happening.

I just want my return slips and I will never speak of this company again. I’m trying to reason with you right now. Because if we go the other route. It’s going to be very public.

My lungs are messed up because I want to save people. But no one saves me…

I can not be taken advantage of this company.

This was supposed to be a hobby to also help me!! Help my brain function. You guys see what I print out. So you know what I do.

Don’t keep hurting me.
Anyone reading this. YOU DONT have to like me. But I ask to respect that I sit here sick cause I help people and now I’m getting hurt bad and I’m just begging you all to just help me with a quick email to support. Just say. That Jason Montello is NUTS he’s disturbing us because he is off his meds most likely.
Send him his fedex return slips so these two units can leave his home.

I’m NO hero :man_superhero: I’m not a real army, navy, stand up amazing person. I wish I could of joined but they wouldn’t take me after 9/11. I was 21 just starting out in life. Young and dumb and wanted to do my job. Now I have to sit here with my ptsd and bad health issues and it’s making me go crazy.

Begging to make someone see this So we can end this and I can get on living whatever life I have left?

It would be nice.

No one here likes being heard their machine is a lemon. I’m sorry to anyone here that spent the same money as I did. Clearly I just kept getting bad batches. Whatever the case. Glowforge just isn’t something that a disabled person like myself should have to deal with

Anyone -
Lend a hand? Help a cripple?

The people that laugh at me, right now. Go ahead - but live in my shoes that I’m forced to wear. And you won’t be laughing so much.

I don’t feel I should have to resort to doing a charge back on my credit card or file in small claims.

Can be a man and handle this by having you just email me the two slips.

Why are you focing me to live with two giant boxes?


I saw this post this morning, and I want to extend my deepest sympathies. From what you’ve written about your service as a first responder, I can only imagine how difficult it’s been for you.

It sounds like your service has been both profoundly important to others, and personally costly. I’m so sorry for the burdens you carry. I believe that we all owe a special debt to the people who shoulder the heaviest weights of the world for us – first responders, firefighters, and more broadly, the folks Mr. Rogers used to call “the helpers.”

Thank you for being a helper.

From reading your stories, it sounds like your Glowforge has made your burdens heavier, and I want to make it right with you. Typically, our Customer Success team works with folks in frustrating situations, because they’re the absolute best at what they do: making magic happen.

But as CEO, every once in a while, I get to do something unusual. When I read this post, I decided this should be one of those times.

I’m going to have the team send you a full refund immediately.
(We’ll issue the refund in a few minutes, and then your credit card company will take 1-10 days to process it).

We’ll send shipping labels to follow so you can get those out of your way. You can put this frustration aside and move forward.

I know I can’t lift all of your burdens – but I’d like to take back this one. The team is processing your refund right now.

– dan