Help Please (Va Beach, VA) area :)

Hi everyone…

So i’m getting that “Open Lid” error on my GF, not sure if they will be able to fix it… but as to try to triage what could possibly be an embarrassing event for me (as I have been bragging like a champ about my GF and its awesome magical powers…) Long story short, I am in need of help from anyone near Va Beach, Va. I just need to engrave a plaque that I am putting together for one of my coworkers. Retirement party is next week.

Anyone able to help?

Might be better to post this in the “Problems and Support” forum instead. That’s where the Glowforge team would be able to help :slight_smile:

He already has. Now he’s looking for someone to help this one time.

Thank you Jules!

Hi tdewitt274,

I was just trying to reach out to anyone that would be interested in helping… Its not the end of the world, just would like to get this done before the retirement party.

I get up for work early, so about to hit the sack. If anyone reads this and would be willing to help, please email me…

I would be very grateful.

Good night all!

Might help to outline what the required materials are, size, etc.

Hi jbmanning5,

thank you for commenting.

I have the material already, and the settings to do the engrave. (why I need to find someone close to me. )

its red oak, 11 x 16 x 1"

with the GF crumb tray out, and my spacer blocks installed, it will read as .2425"
(this would have to be verified with the other GF)

I etch at (GF Pro) 280 speed, 30 power 225 lpi .

I use the snapmarks to line everything up… if they don’t have snapmarks on their GF i can manually line it up pretty quick.

I think that about covers it…

Thanks again everyone!!

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I’m not nearby, but you might try searching to see if you’ve got a Makerspace within driving distance and if they have a laser. One of my considerations for running a business is that I have local access to a GF (and another laser) if something happens to mine in the middle of a project.


Hi ChristyM,

Thanks for the suggestion… I just use mine for fun, not as a business by any means. Not sure if I want to spend any additional money renting time on another laser for a item that is just a gift. I know I’m super spoiled by the GF and how easy it is to use… I have already told the intended recipient of the gift that it will be a late present, so no worries anymore.

Thank you again,



Ah, too bad. I was hoping you’d find someone local to help out. I belong to my local makerspace, so it’s not an additional expense specific to the laser. I just like the community. :slight_smile:


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