HELP! Print.... won't print

I can’t print anymore… it was all working wonderfully!

Everything looks good… proofgrade, all objects are good. Print button clicked. I get “Scanning your Material” ans then “Preparing your Design” and then nothing. It goes back to the image of the bed.

tried several times. then I got…

Sorry, we are having trouble calibrating. Turn off and on GF and try again.

I did that. Nothing. I quit and releunched Chrome. I logged out and re logged on. I have tried prints that have worked before. Nothing.

Here is a video. Enjoy.

Having the same issue as of today, was fine two nights ago… hopefully someone posts a fix for this soon…

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OK just saw another thread a few down about the same thing: Fail To Print

I got rid of some of the BS in my design that I didn’t realize was lurking, and that did the trick. You might need to take a look at your design again and see if there’s excess nodes that aren’t integral to the print.

EDIT: Looking at your vid, you’re trying to engrave- is it an SVG? If so, try converting it to a raster and I think it’ll fix the issue.

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So I am getting the idea that a file can be too complex to print. So, when this happens, is there no error? It just processes and then returns to the image of the bed?

Here is an SVG that won’t print. (12.3 KB)

Yes looks like your art is on the detailed side- that could certainly be causing problems.


Here’s a raster version of this one! In order to create this from your vector file in illustrator- select the art you want to turn into a raster image, go File>Export Selection. You’ll have the option to export as a .png or .jpg etc.
Keep in mind, raster images will only etch, they won’t cut… so the hexagon will have to be a separate .svg file. :slight_smile: you should have better luck with this.

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Yeah. The error reporting still needs work. Last update improved things, but I still see this no error, error from time to time. Sometimes it is a problem with my svg, sometimes it is a problem on their side, sometimes I get more info from the browser’s developer console, sometimes not.

@haley thank you for doing that. Here is a question. In that image, I want the purple circled to be engraved the deepest, the cactus to be engraved middleish, and the prance band to be etched in the least. How do I do this with this rastered image?

What if I want to combine raster and vector? What if I want the cactus to be vector but the rest raster? Is there a way to have both those info on one file?


I am having the same problem. I just wrote a thing about it moment ago. My “artwork” is from a “Trace”. It won’t go beyond that sceen either and I’ve been re-trying for hours.

Thanks for your help, @haley!

@jonnyvermont I’m so sorry for the confusion.

I took a look at the logs for your unit and it appears you were trying to engrave shapes that weren’t completely closed.

When you upload a file to the Glowforge app, strokes (or outlines) become cuts, and fills (filled-in shapes) become engraves. The print failed here because one or more of the shapes didn’t have a fully enclosed area to engrave.

To print successfully, you have a few options:

  • You can create a bitmap copy of your design. Here’s instructions on how to do so in Inkscape:

    1. Open Inkscape
    2. Go to File > Open and select your file
    3. After the file opens, select your bitmap artwork
    4. Choose Edit > Make a Bitmap Copy
    5. Inkscape will make a bitmap copy on top of the original artwork
    6. Click the top artwork to select it, drag it off of the original artwork, and delete the original artwork. You’ll be left with the bitmap copy
    7. Select File > Save As and save the file as a Inkscape SVG file
    8. Upload your file to the app and print
  • You can find the spot where the path is open and complete it

If you want the different parts of the image to be engraved using different settings, you will need to create a separate raster image for each part.

If you need more help learning to design for your Glowforge, we have a tutorial that walks you through creating a design from scratch, with step by step pictures about how to create a shape to cut out using Inkscape, a free design program.

@cillico, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. We like to keep to one issue per topic, so we will help you in the topic you created.