HELP...Problem engraving when I add stroke thickness to text in Illustrator

I always have a problem trying to engrave when I add stroke thickness in Illustrator. I outline the text but it adds a double cut line and also doesn’t recognize the thicker text. Suggestions what I am doing wrong? attached the file here

2024 lucky 13 (1.2 MB)

I’m not at my usual computer with Illustrator, so I can’t look at the file. But generally speaking, a filled path is treated as an engrave and an unfilled one as a cut/score. It’s easy to accidentally have both in your file, depending on how you created the outlines. The stroke thickness itself will be ignored, which is why you need to use outline stroke or expand to convert the thick stroke into a filled path.

Or… as I try to always sell everyone on, you can rasterize your engraves and not worry about any of this.


GF doesn’t understand stroke thickness, strokes have to be expanded, or rasterized as @chris1 notes - If you switch to outline view in Illustrator (cmd/ctrl+y) you’ll see what the GF sees.


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