Help purchasing 2nd glowforge

I have tried to purchase my 2nd glowforge now about 8 times, it keeps getting kicked backed as a fraud order. I have emailed about 10 times to glowforge no response yet. I have tried using different email addresses, different debit cards, different computers. I don’t know what else to try. The bank said it is not on their end, that it is definitely the glowforge site. I need this ordered by today with expedited shipping so I can catch up on orders. Any recommendations?

Kicking the door here should do it.
They are in a PST timezone, so just wait a bit for office hours, and coffee slurping before a response.


This all happened yesterday morning. So I am trying to wait patiently, but my patience is running out.

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Standard response is about 1 business day, so if you emailed about this yesterday, you should hear back by email today (and they will close this discussion when they see it.)

To set expectations, expedited shipping is just that - the shipping itself. It doesn’t mean the machine will be available and sent out the same day.

I never said it meant that. My issue is not that. My issue is that i keep getting notifications that they have canceled my order. But… thanks!

Also, yesterday is showed that I could have it delivered by the 22nd with expedited shipping.

If you’re trying to use your own discount code to place the order - that may be why it doesn’t work. I’ve heard you can’t use it to buy another one for yourself.

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The first couple of times I tried to use it, but then I tried 3 times without it on there and my order was still canceled.

I’m sorry to hear it - hopefully they’ll get you sorted soon!

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Hi @blanche, I’m terribly sorry for the poor experience. I see that we’ve been exchanging emails and you’ve been able to place your order, so I’m going to close this thread.