Help scratch

I only have had my machine for a little over a month and I notice a small scratch on the lens where it says glowforge at , I have been cutting like crazy and now it is not cutting would that be why ??? I have cleaned it and all .

Can you share a photo of the lens?

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A scratch in the lens wouldn’t cause it to not cut at all - but it should be addressed. Can you be more specific about your not cutting issue?

Have you cleaned everything by following the instructions at

Are you only use Zeiss (or equivalent) wipes on your windows and lenses? Anything else can scratch them.

As a QA test you should run the Gift of Good Measure (it’s in your dashboard), and then edit your post here with pictures of the front and back of that, as well as the time you ran the cut.

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Hi There,
I see you have already sent us an email about this issue, and we’re working on it there. So I’m going to close this topic.

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