Help-Set up Pro yesterday & arm falls off track after 3rd cut. Tension belt loose but screw seems stripped

Set up our Pro yesterday and had zero issues until our 3rd cut when the arm on the right side went off the track, scared me half to death but read all the info on the community page and got it back on, calibrated and was ready to start the attempt again and it did it again. HELP I read to check the tension on the belts and the right side one seems loose, followed glowforge tutorial to tighten but the hex screw seems stripped, the left side screw worked fine and normal for comparison but zero budge on the right side.
Brand new machine and only the third cut in and now I’m worried. any advice? waiting on response from support still

Thanks Kristin

Are you sure the metal piece you need to screw into for tightening hasn’t slipped forward out of reach? Maybe if you post a pic, we can be sure we’re giving you the right advice…

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Oh yes its stripped for sure. I tried the left side back tension wheel and it turned no problem this right side just spins and spins. No luck on getting it out still and too scared to try too much. Still nothing from support but wondering if I do happen to get it out can I get a temporary replacement anywhere until I hear back from support?

Some people have parts on here (and Etsy I think) but not sure if they have that. Hopefully if someone does, they’ll let you know.
Good luck!!

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Thank you! I saw a name mentioned a few times in the community discussions and I going to reach out.

Is it possible to put a thin nut under it for now? They will likely be replacing the machine as they take care of it. Watch for the email and make sure it does not go to spam.

My husband was able to get it out finally last night but it was most definitely stripped, must have been when it was being assembled. Thanks I will be watching very closely, my orders are at a standstill right now.

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That is why I suggested getting the same size of new screw and if necessary a thin nut to give a grip or as last resort a small daube of glue to provide the “threads” so not “dead in the water” until the replacement machine arrives :grin:


Im sorry, I read your reply earlier too fast and misunderstood what you meant. Yes, I will be getting a replacement screw for sure until I can get a response from customer service.

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