HELP! Shuttering GF

Hi all, I am having issues with my 5 week old GF. At the beginning of a print, and at the end, sometimes o a pass, it shutters and vibrated horribly. We have run through all of the calibrations, that didn’t help, and sent a support ticket yesterday with no response yet. I have orders to run and I getting backed up!
Is there a support phone number to call?

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No, there is no phone number and by posting here you have just opened a duplicate ticket which slows Support since they have to match duplicate tickets and close one or the other. With regards to the shuddering, did it start suddenly after cleaning or did it just start suddenly when nothing was changed? Have you checked your wheels and belts? Could there be some masking or other debris stuck to a belt?


Ok, thanks for the support ticket info.
It just started, had cleaned a few days before it started.
I’ll check the wheels and belts…
Thank you!

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So I cleaned everything again, nothing on the belts or wheels, reran the calibration, and still a very loud shake and shutter.
Any other suggestions?

No, I think Support will have to look at your issue. Out of curiosity, does it shudder when doing the calibration?

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@evensonbw thank you so much for reaching out through our chat feature today! I am so happy we were able to help troubleshoot. I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!