HELP! Stuck on centering and scanning

I NEED HELP!!! My GF suddenly, Saturday morning started going in between centering and scanning. The image in the machine is from the last print ( which is no longer in the machine) but the image continues to be there and can not be refreshed away. At first we thought, maybe an update, maybe internet issue, but no… emailed support and heard back Sunday evening. Checked all the cable connections as we were told and they seem fine, but on the back right corner we noticed the black plastic hinge cover was dented slightly. Also, noted the front right side of the lid has always been ever so slightly upraised, ( not enough for the machine to notice ) . Well, the obvious cause was due to the black cable connection on the lid hitting the (obvious loosened black hinge cover). I am not sure if any of this is the cause of reason for this issue however I just need some help or would love a response from a staff member. I received an email Sunday night from Marc who told me to check the cables and I have and then told me to send my email for invoice purpose of a new black cable. BUT I have NOT heard back from Marc in TWO DAYS. I do so pray that is the fix for this issue. But I can’t receive it until I receive the invoice obviously. So Please help if you can! I have buyers that I have to let know something that are awaiting layered items…

thanks to whomever offers assistance!

Posting here opens another support ticket, so it won’t speed anything up as you already have one open and are working with them.

The delay is because support does not ship parts, they have to contact and coordinate with the team that does. It takes a few days.

I’m sorry you’ve run into an issue with your lid cable, @mandwleather. I’ve sent you an email with the next steps to get you up and printing again, so I’m going to close this topic.